Scarlet logos? Requiring lawmakers to wear donor ID’s

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John_CoxPicture this: California lawmakers plastered head-to-toe with NASCAR-style logos.

It may seem silly, but a California businessman is funding a ballot initiative that would require members of the state legislators to wear the logos and emblems of their biggest donors on their clothing – just like race car drivers.

John Cox has been traveling the state to push his disclosure measure. This week, he was cleared to gather signatures in an effort to get the initiative on the November ballot.

Cox – a Republican who lives in Rancho Santa Fe – is no stranger to quixotic political adventures.

A few years ago, Cox floated a plan to expand the California Legislature to 12,000 members to put per-capita representation here on par with national norms.

ran unsuccessfully for the state Legislature in Illinois, for the U.S. Senate and for president.Cox has vowed to spend $1 million of his own money to promote the measure. But he and his supports have their work cut out. Backers need to collect more than 365,000 signatures by April 26th to qualify for the ballot.

He tells Politico that right now the state’s political system “is built to give power to people who fund the campaigns. This will give power back to California voters.”

The official name of the initiative, by the way, is “Name All Sponsors California Accountability Reform,” which stands for – you guessed it – NASCAR.