Today’s News: Big Win for Brown, Prop. 30; Dems eye supermajority; Lacey takes D.A.’s race; Death penalty stands

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Super close. California Assembly Speaker John Perez says Democrats have won two-thirds of the seats in that that house of the Legislature, and he expects his party will get the same majority in the state Senate. If so, Democrats would achieve a coveted supermajority, meaning they could pass tax increases without relying on Republican votes. Sacramento Bee

Prop. 30 win. California public school students and administrators no longer have a six-billion-dollar budget cut hanging over their heads. State voters have passed Proposition 30, Governor Jerry Brown’s tax initiative. And it wasn’t as close as many people thought it would be. The package of temporary tax hikes drew the support of nearly 60 percent of state voters. L.A. Times

Other Props. Californians rejected Prop. 38, Molly Munger’s bid to raise billions for schools through tax increases. Prop. 38 received just over 30 percent of the vote. A bid to replace the death penalty in California with life without parole also failed. Prop. 34 received about 47 percent support. But state voters did approve Prop. 36, which amends California’s tough three strikes law. For all the state results, go to the website of the California Secretary of State.

Two firsts. L.A. County’s incoming District Attorney will be the first woman and the first African-American to hold the job. Chief Deputy D.A. Jackie Lacey defeated Deputy D.A. Alan Jackson 55 to 45 percent. She’ll replace Steve Cooley. Long Beach Press Telegram

County races. L.A. County voters also passed a measure requiring porn stars to wear condoms during sex scenes, but a measure pushed by L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa that would have extended a sales tax increase to speed up transportation projects appears to have been narrowly defeated. L.A. Times, L.A. Daily News

Film flap. In non-election news, the filmmaker behind an anti-Islamic YouTube video that sparked protests across the Muslim world is due back in court today. Mark Basseley Youssef is accused of violating his federal probation in a bank fraud case. AP