What’s missing this election season, Mickey Kaus?

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Mickey Kaus started blogging about politics back in 1999, when the internet was still young, and hasn’t stopped. He ran for Senate in 2010 calling himself a “common sense Democrat.” But he’s no lefty. Kaus has written extensively about public policy, economics and welfare reform. Recently, he’s been focusing on immigration policy and writes that Donald Trump has a “sensible” one.

On Oct. 20, he’ll join LRC Live at the Ace Theatre in LA. Before the event, we wanted to know what he’s thinking about during this unpredictable campaign.

What’s the most inspiring moment of the campaign so far?

Bernie Sanders’ tribute to Braden Joplin, the Ben Carson volunteer killed when the van he was riding in with other volunteers crashed in icy conditions in Iowa. Also: Rubio’s New Hampshire short-circuit.

The most confounding moment?

Trump’s occasional vacillations on immigration before settling into a sensible policy.

What’s your favorite drink?

Mexican Coke, I’m afraid.

Preferred drink if Trump wins?


If Hillary wins?


What’s the most important thing the candidates are not talking about?

Robots eliminating the need for work (i.e. our jobs).

The most important thing the press isn’t talking about?

Hillary’s big Libya mistake and the thinking behind it.

What’s the one thing you wish every citizen knew?

That for a long period — between 1921 and 1965 — the US had fairly tight immigration controls and the nation made great progress (economically and socially).

What’s your favorite political movie?

“The Great McGinty”

What’s your favorite song to get you through this election campaign?

Sister Ray usually works. It does all the nihilism for you.

What’s your favorite thing about LA?

Onshore flow.


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