Who is inspiring you during this campaign, Margie Omero?

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Democratic pollster Margie Omero knows the electorate. The EVP of the Public Affairs practice at PSB Research and co-creator of her own podcast “The Pollsters” even leads a bipartisan team studying Walmart Moms—a proven swing voting bloc.

On Oct. 20, she’ll join LRC Live at the Ace Theatre in LA. Before she gets here, we wanted to know what keeps her going during this campaign circus.

What’s the most inspiring moment of the campaign so far?

The bravery of everyday private citizens who have spoken at the convention, or appeared in campaign ads. For example, the Glaros family, who appeared in a Priorities USA ad about Trump’s mocking of people with disabilities. Or the Khan family, who obviously shared their grief with the nation. Or members of Eric Garner family, who have appeared on behalf of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The most confounding moment?

Anytime Trump lies or insults, and people continue to vote for him. So basically every day.

What’s your favorite drink?

A full bodied red. Or a latte.

Preferred drink if Trump wins?

Bleach, with a twist of orange.

If Hillary wins?

Ice-cold Diet Coke–so I can stay up all night to watch returns.

What’s the most important thing the candidates are not talking about?

How to end partisan obstructionism in Washington.

The most important thing the press isn’t talking about?

What is going to happen to Republicans who have not come out strongly against Trump? And how are we all going to unite and come together in the post-Trump era?

What’s the one thing you wish every citizen knew?

Not to sweat small fluctuations in the horserace. And that internal polling is so much more than that.

What’s your favorite political movie?

This is tough!  “Best of Enemies,” “ Inconvenient Truth,” “ House of Cards, “ The Campaign” (with Will Ferrell).

What’s your favorite song to get you through this election campaign?

The political theme song played by CNN and MSNBC.

What’s your favorite thing about LA?

That people talk about things other than politics– like the latest in wacky diets or workouts. I appreciate that LA doesn’t take itself too seriously.


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