Yosemite leads the way as national parks open gates

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Yosemite officials didn’t waste any time getting back to business after Congress approved a deal to end the federal government shutdown. The park reopened last night, and all visitor services are expected to be restored today. The state’s eight other national parks and its national monuments are also expected to reopen this morning as federal employees return to work…California’s new health insurance exchange continues to experience growing pains. Three weeks into open enrollment, the state has removed an online directory of medical providers to make fixes. The problems have been making it hard for people shopping for coverage to find doctors…Palmdale can hold its city council election next month after all, according to a state appeals court. A lower court had halted the vote because of questions about the fairness of Palmdale’s at-large election system. Palmdale is one of a handful of cities in the state that’s being sued for violating the California Voting Rights Act. Critics say the at-large systems discriminate against minority voters…A mosquito capable of carrying deadly yellow fever, dengue and other diseases has been detected in the Central Valley and vector control agents are scrambling to control its spread. The bug bites during the day, prefers people to animals, and needs only a teaspoon of water to lay eggs to reproduce…

WATTLESAnd finally, the facelift is complete for an aging Hollywood star. L.A. officials this morning are scheduled to unveil a host of upgrades at Wattles Garden Park at the foot of the Hollywood Hills. Improvements include new landscaping, seating areas and drainage systems. The 47-acre park features a Japanese garden, hillside trails and the 100-year-old Wattles Mansion, a Los Angeles historic cultural monument.