You can finally afford an electric car

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An electric car (Courtesy: flickr/mariordo59)

For the first time, electric cars are offered at a lower price than their gasoline rivals. With pressure from state regulators to sell more zero-emission vehicles, car makers are competing on lease pricing in California, offering deals as low as $199 for the default monthly cost.

“Honda joined the price war this week by dropping the lease on its Fit EV from $389 to $259 a month. It threw in collision and vehicle theft coverage, maintenance, roadside assistance — even a charging station at your house,” the Los Angeles Times wrote.

Consumers’ biggest problem with electric cars is that they run out of power after about 80 miles and recharging takes a very long time. Though the Toyota Prius hybrid is now the most popular car in California, automakers still find fully electric vehicles hard to sell.

Warren Olney interviewed Los Angeles Times reporter Brian Thevenot about the cost and benefits of electric cars on today’s “To the Point.”