Pop-ups restaurants are becoming a more appetizing business model

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Chefs from big cities like New York and Chicago are sweeping through Southern California with pop-up restaurants. Prince Street Pizza, Honey Butter Fried Chicken, and Katz’ Deli have all made appearances in LA. 

“The reason a lot of out-of-towners are coming here to do a pop-up is it’s a lot cheaper. It’s incredibly expensive to run a restaurant in general. When you compare space availability, it tends to be a lot easier to do in Los Angeles. And then the second reason is that people in Los Angeles love their pop-ups. … Everyone here is completely game for trying something new,” says Mona Holmes, writer for Eater LA. 

Bolo is having a pop-up at Hey Hey in Echo Park, located at 1555 Sunset Boulevard, Echo Park, CA on 2/7/20, 2/14/20 and 2/15/20 from 6-10pm.