Santa Claus comes virtually this COVID Christmas

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During his online visits, Santa Ed Taylor appears from the North Pole with the shimmering Aurora Borealis appearing through the windows of his digital background designed by his wife. Going virtual this year has allowed him to more than quadruple the number of visits he usually has — from 100 to some 400. Photo courtesy of Ed Taylor.

Jolly Old St. Nick is still coming to town this pandemic Christmas — straight to living rooms via Zoom, Skype, etc. With 2020 being a tough year emotionally and economically, Santa Ric Erwin, who’s based in Hemet, California, says digital visits have been a lifesaver on several fronts. “My economic season was saved. My emotional season has been salvaged. And I’m really having a ball.”  

“Hollywood Santa” Ed Taylor says it’s fun to have nine to 12 minutes to talk with families. “The whole conversation is much more, I almost want to say more normal, right? It’s like we’re old friends. It sounds maybe a little corny, but it’s a little more meaningful in a sense. You don’t feel like you’re just a prop there to get a picture with.”