Republican and Democratic efforts to court the Latino vote in Orange County

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There are millions of eligible Latino voters in America, including 8 million in California alone. Both campaigns are investing in the Latino vote, which is particularly important in some swing states, like Florida, Arizona, and Nevada, where millions of Americans have already voted. 

In cobalt blue Southern California, the Latino vote could be pivotal in close races, including in Orange County. 

“This year, more so than others, I’ve seen the Republican Party try even harder than ever before to reach out to the Latino community,” says Randall Avila, Executive Director of the Orange County Republican Party. “And we’re seeing some great feedback and great responses so far. And some of the issues that Latino voters in Orange County are responding to … economic success … to educational opportunity. And I’d say the third thing that Latinos voters are responding to here in this county is public safety.” 

Ada Briceño, Chair of the Orange County Democratic Party, says the Latino community is hurting right now because they’re facing job losses and COVID-19, and people are dying daily. “It’s because Trump has decided to handle the pandemic in the way that he has. The economic recovery will not include the regular Americans, the Latinos in our country. It is a problem. Latino women are already set back and the recovery will not include them under Trump.” 

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  • Randall Avila - Executive director, Orange County Republican Party
  • Ada Briceño - Chair of the Orange County Democratic Party