Is climate change making you think twice about having kids?

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Have kids or save the planet? Are you reconsidering your family plans due to climate change? Photo by Shutterstock.

You’re doomscrolling online, learning about the latest way climate change is going to upend your life. Then a text from mom arrives, reminding you that she wants to be a grandma. She might be ready for another person to enter the world, but you’re not so sure.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. The warming climate is making people reconsider having children. UCLA researchers say that for decades, temperature spikes have caused a dip in the birth rate nine months later.

And that pressure isn’t just from contemplating a child’s future. Studies have shown that having fewer children is by far the most effective way to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

The trend is catching on. Here’s what analysts at Morgan Stanley said to their investors last year: “[The] movement to not have children owing to fears over climate change is growing and impacting fertility rates quicker than any preceding trend in the field of fertility decline.”

If you or someone in your family is in that boat too, we want to hear from you. Share your thoughts above and KCRW climate reporter Caleigh Wells might use your experience in an upcoming Greater LA story.