Buying a Christmas tree? Expect price hikes and slimmer pickings

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It’s now difficult to find a homegrown Christmas tree taller than five feet near Los Angeles. Photo by Caleigh Wells.

Christmas tree shoppers have to dig a little deeper in their pockets this year for the perfect tree, or settle for one that doesn’t quite reach the ceiling. That’s due to supply chain problems and drought. Meanwhile, a local tree farmer and a home decor business are having to adapt.

On the second season of the “Lost Hills” podcast, a mother and son from Malibu drowned off the coast of Santa Cruz Island in 1981. The husband has been in prison for their murder. Did he do it? 

And at Mater Dei High School, a football player suffered a traumatic brain injury and a broken nose in a hazing incident. The family says the school tried to minimize the situation and didn’t cooperate with a police investigation.