Sad Girl Creamery serves up mental health support with sweet treats

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Sue Mancini uses her Instagram page to sell small batch ice cream that she makes at her apartment. She also uses the page to discuss mental health issues like depression, self harm, and personality disorders. Photo courtesy of Sue Mancini.

A new Latinx-owned ice cream pop-up in Koreatown is using sweet treats to broach sensitive topics surrounding mental health and self care.

“The idea kind of came up during the height of the pandemic, when everyone was stuck at home,” says Sue Mancini, who owns Sad Girl Creamery and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 26. “I figured sharing my own personal experiences with mental health could make people relate and feel a little alleviated with the sad feelings they’re having at home.” 

She would like to expand her business into a brick and mortar some day, where she could host ice cream socials and invite mental health nonprofits and professionals to talk with her customers.