Planning a trip to Tomorrowland? Disney Parks Moms can help

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The 14 people selected to be the 2020 Disney Parks Moms Panel. Photo credit: Disney Parks.

Millions of people visit a Disney park every year. But navigating each park, attraction, food stop, and parade is not for the faint of heart. 

Enter the 2020 Disney Parks Moms Panel. It’s made up of 14 men and women that help folks plan their Disney vacations, so every moment at a park or on a Disney cruise is spent in the best way possible. (Note: There are 42 people on the panel overall, the 14 new panelists were added for the 2020 cycle.)

 Each panelist is the expert in their designated area. 

Tiffanie Sojourner specialises in the Disneyland Resort, and works full-time in wealth management in San Diego. 

She tells KCRW that she’s become an expert because she visits Disneyland so often. She’s at the park twice a month.

“I’ve been going to Disneyland almost my whole life. I started going with my mother and younger sister as a child. In my early 20s, I would go with my boyfriend. And I’ve gone ever since," she says.

When she goes to Disneyland, Sojourner says she likes to dress for the occasion: “When I go to the parks, you’re never going to find me without Minnie ears on. That is not a requirement, but that is my personal fashion statement. I love a good pair of Minnie ears.”