Making dating and relationships work during COVID

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A “happy Valentine’s Day” sign hangs outside a business in downtown Culver City. Even during a pandemic and the age of social distancing, some people are still trying to find love, and some are successful. Photo by Amy Ta.

Despite being stuck in a pandemic and the isolation that comes with it, a subsection of Angelenos are making their dating lives work. Using apps like Hinge and Bumble, prospective dating partners are meeting up in real life. 

“Once I realized that this was a permanent state of being, it was like, ‘Okay, my life may stop, but my libido cannot. I need to continue trying to find a partner,’” Britt told KCRW. (We aren’t using her full name because she’s concerned her employer will find out about her pandemic dalliances.)

For others, the pandemic has served as a time for self-reflection. That includes 27-year-old Drew Gregory. After a big breakup in 2019, she spent a lot of time pre-pandemic casually dating. Now she’s ready for another serious relationship.