Vegan 100% or occasionally? Tell us about your non-meat journey

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Hungry for a shrimp boil? This dish from El Compa Vegano is 100% plant-based. Would you try it? Photo courtesy of El Compa Vegano.

Vegan food isn’t just endless tofu and salad. New meat and seafood substitutes are pushing the boundaries of what a plant-based diet tastes like. Companies like Beyond Meat and OmniFoods are creating options that allow cooks to mimic everything from beef burgers to shrimp boils. Some chefs are even using these products to recreate some of their favorite and most cherished dishes, all using plant-based ingredients. 

This has us wondering: Who’s becoming vegan these days? Why is veganism right for you? What helped you adapt to a plant-based diet? Do you remember which animal products you last ate before adopting a plant-based lifestyle?

Share your thoughts above, and we might reach out for an upcoming Greater LA story.