What are your questions about electric cars and how to charge them?

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We hear all the time that electric cars are the future of transportation. With California's aggressive goal of being carbon-neutral by 2045, there are plenty of incentives to jump on the bandwagon: tax rebates, charger installation subsidies, carpool lane stickers, premium parking spots, and electricity is cheaper than gas. 

But the future hasn't arrived yet, especially for Angelenos who can’t install charging stations at home. 

Renters who own an electric car must navigate the confusing world of public chargers. There are different types of plugs, multiple charging apps with their own maps of available chargers, inconsistent prices based on time plugged in or amount of electricity consumed. And sometimes it's just hard to find an open car charger.

Are you an EV owner who's struggled with those issues? Are you a renter who's hesitant to go electric? Do the environmental benefits outweigh the inconvenience while L.A. builds its electric car infrastructure? We want to hear from you. 

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