Influencers are blowing up your social feeds, but they’re not getting paid equitably

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Companies offer money or free products to social media influencers who must then create a certain number of posts, videos, and/or stories with those goods. Photo by Shutterstock.

There are over 50,000,000 creators monetizing their online content. From TikTok to YouTube to Instagram, influencers are advertising products on their feeds. But there isn’t a lot of transparency on how much money they actually make and how much money brands are paying them. Enter F*** You Pay Me, a platform that’s being called the Glassdoor for influencers. 

Plus, LA County District Attorney George Gascon said he plans to dismiss almost 60,000 cannabis convictions. And a new investigation called “Dangerous Air” looks at how wildfire smoke is choking many parts of the U.S.