This livestock grazes on local avocado and lemon orchards

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You can typically find Jeronimo Alonzo Brown on Saturday at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market Photo credit: Kathryn Barnes

Shopping the Santa Barbara Farmers Market isn’t just for vegetarians. This week, our market host meets up with an Argentinian farmer who takes a holistic approach to raising local pigs and poultry at Casitas Valley Pastures.

Jeronimo’s chickens roam free in open pastures and orchards. Photo credit: Kathryn Barnes.

Mother pigs give birth twice a year. These piglets are harvested at 10-14 months. Photo credit: Kathryn Barnes.

Jeronimo sells pasture raised chicken and duck eggs at the market, including blue-shelled Araucana eggs, which come from a breed of domestic chicken from Chile. Photo credit: Kathryn Barnes.



Kathryn Barnes