420: Best events, gear, gifts for weed lovers this year

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"I don’t think it’s ever been bigger. It's kind of like stoner Independence Day now,” Leafly Senior Editor David Downs says about 420 in 2023. Photo by Jamie Soja, courtesy of Leafly.

It's April, which means two things: Spring is here and 420 is back. It’s the biggest day on the unofficial cannabis calendar and it's just around the corner.

Leafly Senior Editor David Downs gets us in the mood for the annual “potpalooza” with the latest for this year’s holiday, fun 420 activities, and items to get for the holiday. 

How many people are expected to celebrate 420 this year?

Around 40% of people who have smoked cannabis in the past six months reported in a survey that they are going to be taking this upcoming 420 off. That works out to millions of Americans because 47% of American adults now live in a legalization state, and 73% of American adults have at least medical access in their state.

What states are going to enjoy an inaugural legal 420 this year?

Missouri, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Virginia, I think are really going to get in the spirit this year. Missouri has legal sales now. They’re in the middle of a 420 drought, so if you can get any legal weed in Missouri, you should get it now because they're already running low. Maryland is set to launch their commercial sales and Rhode Island is right behind them. Virginia has full decriminalization and legalization [of cannabis] now, but it doesn’t have stores yet. 

What city are you most excited to see 420 events in?

I'm getting pretty jealous of New York, and Washington Square Park this year is going to be bananas. It's a public park and the cops are tolerating public smoking, even though that's not legal in New York. All these brands are doing activities in the park and there are private events around it. 

New York is really vying for the cannabis crown with the traditional holder in San Francisco on Hippy Hill … in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. This year there's going to be a cannabis contest that's held on pay-per-view [and the winner gets a] $40,000 purse.

What are the most absurd things going on this 420?

I don’t think it’s ever been bigger. It's kind of like stoner Independence Day now. Zen Cannabis in Oklahoma … baked a 420 chocolate weed bar that is 9 by 4 feet and weighs 420 pounds as a bit of a publicity stunt. 

Over in Las Vegas, this dispensary called NUWU is giving away a Lamborghini to someone who buys more than $200 worth of exotic cannabis. So exotic cannabis gets you an exotic car. 

In New York, celebrity chef David Chang is selling donut fried chicken sandwiches at his outlet, Fuku

Jack in the Box brings back its Pineapple Express menu, which includes milkshakes, sodas, and fried chicken sandwiches with pineapple in them. 

The most absurd thing literally just came into my email, and it’s from this company called BarkBox. It has a 420 Bark Box that has a bunch of little toys for your dog that are all shaped like cannabis paraphernalia.

Pothead pet owners can get their four-legged friend a 420-themed subscription box filled with plush bongs, chewy pipes, and other pet-friendly cannabis paraphernalia, according to Leafly Senior Editor David Downs. Photo courtesy of BarkBox.  

What supply recommendations do you have for 420?

For people that are just starting out, refresh your papers, refresh your grinders, [and look into] clothes items that are out there.

For our high THC consumers that are all about that cannabis life [should look] at some head shop deals in their towns to refresh their dab rig and their bubbler that they're using to take hash hits.

On the actual cannabis side of things, we actually have a bunch of major cannabis celebrities who will all have offerings.

Which celebrity cannabis or cool products are on the market?

Snoop Dogg's Death Row Records cannabis [and] he's got fresh joints for you. Rap legend Wiz Khalifa has his Khalifa Kush in eight states now. 

If you are really THC-sensitive, check out Dad Grass. It’s this company that does non-intoxicating hemp joints. They have a fresh round of Mom Grass  for 420 [which is] a mix of cannabigerol and cannabidiol joints. They won’t give you a euphoric elevation, but they might help you manage some anxiety or provide some mood support during the long holiday.




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