Stuff 2021 stockings with cannabis gifts: Seeds, pipes, jars

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A high-tech dab rig of the future, cannabis seeds and new stash jars are just some of the gifts Leafly Senior Editor David Downs suggests you get this holiday season. Photo by Shutterstock.

Whether you're decking the halls at home for this holiday season or dashing through the snow and getting out of town, cannabis gifts can help you and grown-up pals dream of a green Christmas, according to Leafly Senior Editor David Downs.

KCRW: What cannabis gifts should people be putting on their lists this year?

David Downs: Just refresh all of the lovely accessories that cannabis consumers already have. That's your rolling papers, your rolling trays, your grinders, and your little Sherlock hammer pipes or your spoon pipes.  

Most importantly, swap out some of those ugly jars for some new jars like this Ugly House stash air jar. Those products will keep the terpenes — that is aroma molecules of your cannabis — fresh as opposed to leaking out all over your room. 

Cannabis gift givers should look to accessories like stash jars and pipes this year, says Leafly Senior Editor David Downs. Photo by Shutterstock. 

Seeds had a big year. Going into 2022, you can grow six plants on your property here in California. 

A 10-pack of seeds runs anywhere from $40 to $100 a pack. That's going to be a great hobby for our home gardener or for our retirees. 

For one out of every two growers, this was their first year growing, so we're seeing that homegrown march just move on.

This holiday season, you may want to buy cannabis seeds, according to Leafly Senior Editor David Downs. Photo courtesy of Humboldt Seed Company.  

I also have to give a big shout out this year to the Blazy Susan. That's a spinning rolling tray for $80 with some customizable little silicone widgets. 

When I saw this thing I was like, “Come on.” But then I got one, and it's from this accessory maker in Colorado who just ran with it. 

The Blazy Susan is the perfect way to elevate a cannabis lover’s lifestyle, says Leafly Senior Editor David Downs. Photo courtesy of Blazy Susan. 

We're seeing people's cannabis lifestyle come out of a dingy drawer and find a better place in their life. The way there's a liquor cabinet or a liquor cart, there's a way to elevate, class up and make adult of what was a prohibition activity. We're seeing more and more products that try to embrace whatever your aesthetic is in your house.

What’s a good gift to put in a starter kit for newbies?

This year, there's a book calledA Connoisseur's Guide to Cannabis” from Ellen Holland, one of Leafly’s writers. 

She brings a reportorial approach and a cultural anthropology approach to all of these strains. Bringing that depth of appreciation to cannabis is a good starter item for people like a coffee table book.

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New literature like “A Connoisseur's Guide to Cannabis” may be a good holiday gift for new cannabis users, says Leafly Senior Editor David Downs. 

What gift do you suggest for the tech-driven toker?

The Puffco Peak Pro dominated the discussion in 2021. It's an electronic dab rig. It vaporizes high THC extracts that are concentrated. Those are in high demand because they're really flavorful and strong. But they also are less harsh on your lungs because there's no plant matter in them. They're just the extracted compounds.

If you are looking to give a high-tech lover a cannabis gift, try the Puffco Peak Pro, says Leafly Senior Editor David Downs. Courtesy of Puffco. 

Puffco packaged a dab rig in a sleek product and made it easy to use. If you have an older in-law who says, “Oh, I really love hash,” you can pass them a Puffco peak, and have them take a couple really light airy puffs of this hash vapor to give them the experience they're looking for.

The extract craze can be a little off putting with the torches and the glass, but the Puffco peak packages it in a way that you feel like you are smoking cannabis in the future.

What about gifts for good ?

I've seen the Last Prisoner Project run the board in 2021. They partnered with a lot of brands on the accessory and on the actual flower side to earmark a portion of those proceeds to get out the tens of thousands of people that are still in federal prison for marijuana related crimes. 

Now more than ever, the salience of the social justice component of cannabis legalization is high, and people want to vote with their dollars for the cannabis industry they want to see in the world. That really starts with groups like the Last Prisoner Project.



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