What the color of a fruit or veggie says about its phytonutrients

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If you visit the Santa Barbara Farmers Market on certain Saturdays, you may notice new cooking demos taking place. Sometimes it’s a local chef teaching you how to cook a popular dish from the restaurant. Other times, it’s a farmer or health expert talking about the nutritional magic behind certain fruits and veggies. Our market host met up with a dietician from Sansum Clinic who just finished teaching a demo about how to make summer salsa and why phytonutrients are important to your health.

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Summer salsa tacos with avocado puree. Photo credit: Kathryn Barnes.

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Dietician Gerri French (right) and two Sansum Clinic doctors serve up tacos. The clinic is trying to encourage patients to treat certain health issues like diabetes by changing their eating habits. Photo credit: Kathryn Barnes.




Kathryn Barnes