Donald Trump Starts to Soften

Donald Trump makes a pitch to black voters, asking them "what do you have to lose?" Keli Goff says the answer is quite a lot. "There's a reason he's polling behind David Duke." Is Trump signaling a shift in his immigration policy? "All we have to do is repeat back Donald Trump's own Tweets of his own views to see he is not going to change," says Jon Favreau. Will his supporters be angry if he does change? J.D. Vance says no, "Trump is a symbolic middle finger to all the people that the white working class is frustrated and angry with."

Josh Barro (Business Insider) moderates from the Center. J.D. Vance (author of Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis) is on the Right. On the Left, is Jon Favreau (former director of speechwriting for President Obama, co-host of podcast Keepin' It 1600). Keli Goff (Daily Beast, host of WNYC's 'Political Party with Keli Goff') is our special guest.

Photo: A Trump supporter wraps the face of a protester in a US flag after she jumped up holding a "No Racism No Hate" banner. (Mike Segar/Reuters)