Everything Trump Touches ...Leads to Narrow GOP Victories and SPACE FORCE

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Does President Trump deserve the credit he took for dragging the Republican candidate in that Ohio House race over the finish line? Tuesday was also not a good night for high-profile progressive candidates in Democratic primaries. Is this the revenge of the Democratic establishment? Is ‘socialist’ a dirty word? Republican political strategist Rick Wilson has a new book out called Everything Trump Touches Dies. He joins the panel to talk through Tuesday’s results and what’s dogging the Republican party. Then, it was a scandal-filled week in Washington. Chris Collins, the first member of Congress to endorse Donald Trump for president, was indicted for insider trading, and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross still has shady investments. Linette Lopez of Business Insider breaks down the swampiness. Finally, is Space Force a thing? And what happened between Canada and Saudi Arabia this week? Former assistant secretary of defense Evelyn Farkas joins for a discussion of the craziness, from NATO to new sanctions.