How much can the president do to curb inflation?

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Evergreen cargo terminal in Port of Los Angeles, California. Photo by Shutterstock.

Inflation is at its highest in nearly three decades and that has big potential costs, but how much is it really under his control? Josh Barro, Elizabeth Bruenig and Ross Douthat kick around some ideas the president could try, whether it’s a good idea to try them now, and how to fix the persistent weirdness in the American economy since the pandemic. 

Next: already it seems Democrats are recalibrating some positions since Glenn Youngkin’s win in Virginia. The panel discusses voters’ skepticism for politics and politicians when it seems like they’re holding the ball on their true policy views, and if Republicans have picked a sustainable position on education.

Our special guest this week is Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who has a new book, “Integrity Counts,” about the now-famous phone call he received from President Trump about “finding” votes to put him ahead of Biden in Georgia. He tells the panel why he thinks the system isn’t as broken as the right and left claim. Secretary Raffensperger also talks about Georgia’s new voting law. 

Finally: devastating conspiracy theories about an already devastating tragedy in Houston; a rant about reactions to the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial, and why you should leave your very personal aspects of your life in the private sphere...not in a national publication.




Sara Fay