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US President Joe Biden (L) and Russia's President Vladimir Putin meet for talks at the Villa La Grange. Photo by Mikhail Metzel/TASS/Reuters.

After a highly anticipated summit between President Biden and Vladimir Putin, here’s what we’re left with: if Russia’s going to cyberattack the United States, they should not target sixteen critical areas of American society and infrastructure, or else. What does that mean? And where does that leave us with Russian hackers that aren’t part of the government?

Also: The Supreme Court upholds Obamacare after another attempt to shake it down. Is this a win for progressives? Is it a major loss for conservatives? And Senator Joe Manchin proposes a voting rights compromise. Is it a good deal for both sides? Plus: a discussion of Ross Douthat’s book The Decadent Society and how the pandemic has left a mark on decadence.



  • Jacquelyn Schneider - Fellow, Hoover Institution; former senior policy adviser, Cyberspace Solarium Commission


Sara Fay