Pruitt is through with it

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After months of scandals, Scott Pruitt finally resigned as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. What was the last straw? And what will a post-Pruitt EPA hold for the environment? Robinson Meyer assesses the agency's future and how much deregulation is ahead. There are reports that President Trump’s shortlist for Supreme Court nominees is down to just three names. Who's on it, and what future would they spell for the bench? Despite the president’s visit to North Korea and assurances the country is no longer a threat, North Korea is reportedly continuing — and expanding — its nuclear missile capabilities. Tom Nichols gives his take on that and the Trump's declaration that Vladimir Putin is "fine." The two leaders have an upcoming summit. South of the border, Mexicans have a new president-elect, a leftist who won in a landslide. What will that mean for US-Mexico relations, Trump's wall and migration? Jose Diaz Briseno fills in the panel.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore.