Republican Stages of Grief, All at Once

After Donald Trump won seven out of 11 Super Tuesday contests, the Republican establishments is going through the three stages of grief all at once -- anger, bargaining and grief. Will Mitt Romney's speech denouncing Trump and calling for a brokered convention make a difference? Our guest, former Republican Governor Christine Todd Whitman, says she would vote for Hillary Clinton if it came down to a choice between her and Trump. She says his supporters are the most outraged and scared and want to vote for the person who says he'll make everything all right. "What bothers me more is he puts us in danger. It's bad enough to do war crimes, but to say I'm going to do that... It makes the hate deeper and much harder over time to try to find an end to this terrorism." Lawyer and Trump supporter A.J. Delgado said people need to figure out when he's employing a little bit of hyperbole. The Supreme Court heard arguments about abortion in Texas this week and the three female justices asked tough questions. The death of Justice Scalia has "changed dynamic at the court," said Joan Walsh. Josh Barro announced he will be leaving the New York Times to return to Business Insider. "It's the weirdest moment in American politics in my lifetime and I'm looking forward to being unleashed writing all about it" as an opinion writer. 

Josh Barro (New York Times) moderates from the Center. On the Left, is Joan Walsh (The Nation and MSNBC). A.J. Delado (conservative columnist and lawyer) is on the Right. Our special guest is Christine Todd Whitman (former NJ governor and EPA administrator).

Photo: Mitt Romney denounces Donald Trump at the Hinkley Institute, March 3, 2016