Shooting in San Bernardino, Climate Change Conference

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How do we understand yet another mass shooting? Dahlia Lithwick of says this time it's not a familiar pattern to us, but rather a hybrid of terrorism and lone gunman. A husband and wife team "confounds a lot of stereotypes about how we look at fanaticism in this country," she said. Should we be talking about gun control? Rich Lowry of National Review says that "gun control as a means to fight terrorism is completely absurd." Is that true? Is there any hope to reversing our climate changing ways? Is it worth trying to fix things around the margins at the Paris climate change conference? Todd Purdum of Politico and Vanity Fair hosts.

Photo: Ammunition confiscated from last Wednesday's attack in San Bernardino, California are shown in this San Bernardino County Sheriff Department handout photo from their Twitter account released to Reuters December 3, 2015.