Were 2 Tennessee lawmakers unfairly punished?

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Rep. Justin Pearson, Rep. Justin Jones, and Rep. Gloria Johnson leave the Tennessee State Capitol after a vote at the Tennessee House of Representatives to expel two Democratic members for their roles in a gun control demonstration at the statehouse last week, in Nashville,Tennessee, U.S., April 6, 2023. Photo by Cheney Orr/Reuters.

Two Tennessee lawmakers are expelled after Republicans in the House reacted to a breach of decorum. Their districts reinstated them, but was this the right reaction to protests from the left? 

Then, President Biden passed proposed changes intended to protect transgender athletes in schools, but no one is happy. Why wasn’t it a good compromise for those in the middle? 

And, the 15-minute city is a seemingly innocuous urban planning idea, but it’s sparked fear and backlash. But what could be bad about reducing traffic? 




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