The ball is in Trump’s court

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What can we expect out of a court with Chief Justice John Roberts at its ideological center? One of the last decisions Kennedy joined was to uphold President Trump's travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries. Did that decision make sense? Ken White analyzes the future of the court without Justice Kennedy and his last decisions. The panel speaks to a Sofia Martinez Fernandez, an analyst with the International Crisis Group based in Guatemala, about why so many more people are fleeing Central America and seeking refugee status in the United States. The panel discusses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's upset of one of the top House Democrats in a primary on Tuesday. It was also a big week for foreign policy, with the president setting a meeting with Vladimir Putin, back down from a threat to China, talking down the European Union, the World Trade Organization and NATO. Tony Fratto of Hamilton Place Strategies and a former official in the Bush administration gives his take on that, and on civility — is politics too uncivil right now?

President Donald Trump walks with Justice Anthony Kennedy at the White House. Photo credit: Shealah Craighead/White House.