The right and wrong responses to the coronavirus outbreak

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U.S. President Donald Trump displays a photo of the COVID-19 Coronavirus beside Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. HHS Secretary Alex Azar and C.D.C. Associate Director for Laboratory Science and Safety Steve Monroe at the during a tour of the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., March 6, 2020. Photo credit: Tom Brenner/Reuters

The coronavirus outbreak in the US is intensifying with hundreds of known cases and 14 deaths as of Friday afternoon. The stats on cases in China are a little better than a few weeks ago, but can we believe them? And beyond the $8.3 billion emergency spending package President Trump signed Friday, is our government taking the preparations that it needs to? Donald McNeil of the New York Times joins the panel.

Then: Joe Biden came back in a huge way on Super Tuesday after a strong victory in the South Carolina primary. He’s in position to lock up the Democratic nomination. Voters turned out to support him — wasn’t that supposed to be the story for Bernie Sanders? Ezra Klein joins to talk about Biden’s big week, why Elizabeth Warren dropped out, and why we’re polarized, which is the topic of his new book. Ezra explains his argument and what it would mean to nominate Joe Biden, who has explicitly pushed back on polarization. Will he have any luck if elected?




Sara Fay