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U.S. President Donald Trump boards Air Force One for travel. Photo credit: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Clearly, it’s still August. Let’s review.

President Trump was told he couldn’t buy Greenland from Denmark, so he canceled a visit to Denmark.

The White House floats trial balloons of policies to address recession fears, while the president calls concerns about a recession a ploy by the Democrats and “Fake News Media.”

The markets were on a rollercoaster Friday, spurred by tweets from President Trump, public comments from Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell, and then more tweets from President Trump in response.

Earlier this week, President Trump said American Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal.

The Amazon is on fire, and French President Emmanuel Macron wants to talk about it at the G7.

By the way, President Trump still wants Vladimir Putin to be invited back to that meeting of the world’s largest advanced economies.

Automakers are aligning with California to oppose the Trump administration’s rollback of emissions standards.

More Democrats — 130 at Friday’s count — are lining up in support of impeachment.



  • Tony Fratto - Founder of Hamilton Place Strategies and former White House and U.S Treasury Department officia - @tonyfratto


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