Is overturning the election results even the goal anymore?

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People rally outside of the U.S. Supreme Court in support of U.S. President Trump in Washington, U.S., November 14, 2020. Picture taken November 14, 2020. Photo by Leah Millis/Reuters.

This week Ken takes the reins of the show while Josh is away. Special guest Franita Tolson of USC’s Gould School of Law joins the conversation to delve into what’s left of the Trump campaign’s lawsuits contesting Joe Biden’s win. 

Republican election officials in Michigan refused to certify the votes in Democratic-heavy Wayne County...and then they reversed themselves after an outcry from voters. The Trump campaign has had a dismal track record so far in its legal fight, so is the media spending too much time covering these baseless lawsuits? Franita Tolson argues that if the media paid less attention, what might fill the void could be worse. 

Even Republicans like Mick Mulvaney concede Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani did not have a stellar day in court yesterday in Pennsylvania. His poor performance came after Giuliani allegedly requested $20,000 per day to continue arguing on behalf of the president to overturn the results of the election. Giuliani isn’t an expert in election law, so is his performance just spectacle or is there some other master plan? Tolson says it may not matter that the legal claims are bogus: what matters to Trump’s base is that he continues to fight. And, of course, there’s the matter of fundraising for paying off Trump’s legal debt or a possible run in 2024.




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