Olney in L.A.

Olney in L.A.

The blinding speed of change in L.A. demands that we pause to ask, where are we going? Olney in L.A. is an ongoing exploration of the people and the forces that are shaping Southern California, hosted by veteran newsman Warren Olney.

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Tackling homelessness in Los Angeles will take a lot of funding and  some of that money will come via Measure H, a sales tax. How does the county plan to allocate the funds?

Can California enact single-payer universal health insurance? It's a $400 billion question.

As the deadline looms for California lawmakers to finalize the state budget, foster care advocates are pushing to increase funding for dependency counsel.

California's Democratic Party faces some growing pains. Some call it akin to a Tea Party moment.

Twenty-five years after the LA uprising what has changed for residents in South LA?

Is LA County's Probation Department allocating funding properly?

Does California Republican Devin Nunes have a future after recusing himself- temporarily- as chair of the House Intelligence Committee over questions of ethics violations?

The passage of Prop 47 reducing some felony crimes to misdemeanors has saved taxpayers $103 million.