A fight to restore voting rights for disabled in California

The California State Assembly votes on a measure Tuesday that would overhaul the voting process by closing many traditional polling places and sending every voter a mail-in ballot beginning in 2018.

At Superior Court in San Diego Tuesday, a former NPR producer, who had his voting rights taken away after a stroke left him with the condition known as “locked-in syndrome,” asked that his voting rights be restored.

Then, Stanford University notified students by email Monday that hard liquor will no longer be allowed at undergrad parties on campus. Administrators want to change the culture of alcohol at the school and eliminate risk, but critics say the new policy could make things worse by pushing drinking behind closed dorm room doors.

Next, Juanita Broaddrick claims Bill Clinton raped her in 1978. He was never charged, and no one knew about her story until the 1990s; but what if her story had come out now? Would she have been taken more seriously by the news media and by liberals?

And finally, in the great bagel debate, is LA finally catching up with NY?

Photo courtesy of Lucy Nicholson, Reuters