A Juicy Silicon Valley Legal Fight, “Virunga,” and the Plight of the Monarchs

We start today with two Silicon Valley-related stories: First, Reddit Interim CEO Ellen Pao is suing a powerful venture capital firm she used to work for, alleging gender discrimination. Then, a look at how the app Snapchat is trying to branch out. Next, in our regular car segment, is Apple going to become a car maker? Continuing our weeklong series of interviews with the filmmakers behind this year’s Oscar-nominated documentaries, Madeleine speaks to Orlando von Einsiedel, who wrote and directed Virunga. And finally, monarch butterflies are in trouble. We hear about a government plan to restore them.

Banner Image: A silverback gorilla at the Bukima Patrol Post tented camp in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo