A Very White Oscars, French Speech Laws, and the Business of Pot

The latest round of Oscar nominations were announced today, and the lack of diversity in the acting categories is getting a lot of attention. We talk about that and we look at the snubs and surprises. Then, one iconic L.A. structure is in peril this week while another’s been destroyed; should the city doesn’t do a better job of preserving its architecture? Next, in our weekly Internet roundup, why a French comedian found himself behind bars for a Facebook post. After that, one Silicon Valley investment firm has made a big gamble on pot. What could the deal mean for the industry, and what are the implications of a legal case in Northern California to reclassify pot as a less dangerous drug? And finally, how is tech changing the restaurant industry? New smartphone apps allow users to pay to skip the reservation line, while other innovations let chefs market themselves in whole new ways.

Banner Image: OSCARS statuettes by Prayitno