After a Violent Week, a Community Activist and a Black Cop React

Officials have identified Micah Johnson as the sniper who killed five police officers and wounded seven others Thursday night at a demonstration in downtown Dallas. It has been a week of violence and racial tension across the nation, and amid it all, black police officers are in a delicate position. We’ll speak with a black former police lieutenant.

Then, the Dallas Police Department is well-regarded for its community policing approach, which the city has credited with a decrease in excessive force complaints and arrests. Will this week’s events alter the community-oriented approach of police departments across the US?

What’s the state of police-community relations in Los Angeles? A gang interventionist tells us about his involvement with LAPD’s efforts to improve community relations in South LA.

Next, for those looking for escapism this weekend, “The Secret Life of Pets” is coming to a cineplex near you.

And finally, LA’s Outfest film festival has come a long way since it began in 1982 as the Gay and Lesbian Media Festival and Conference.

Photo credit: Carlo Allegri