Airbnb Growth Outpaces City Policy, Farming in the Drought, and 'All Involved'

Airbnb says it will start paying hotel taxes in Malibu. How will LA deal with short-term rentals? How will California agriculture, which uses 80% of the state’s water, change if the drought persists? And the Colorado River, which provides water for about 30 million people in the Southwest, is at the top of the list of “America’s Most Endangered Rivers.” Madeleine talks to the author of All Involved, a new novel about the 1992 LA Riots that looks at the events from the perspective of seventeen different narrators. And Kentucky Senator Rand Paul formally announced today that he’s getting in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. We take a look at how these campaigns and candidates might interact over the coming year here in California.

Banner Image: Colorado River, just below Glen Canyon Dam; Credit: Rob Hyndman