America’s Ransom Policy, The Uber Future, and a Giant Head

We now know that before killing American journalist James Foley earlier this week, the militant group the Islamic State demanded $132 million in ransom from the U.S. government. We look at the U.S. policy of not paying ransoms and how the administration is likely to react to threats against Americans still held by the Islamic State. Next, Uber has hired one of President Obama’s former advisors to lead its public relations -- what’s the company’s long-term plan? Meanwhile, scores of new apps facilitate all kinds of door-to-door deliveries. Is it a delivery service bubble, or a lasting cultural shift? Frank is a new film about an avant-garde pop musician who wears a big, fake head. We hear from British writer Jon Ronson, who played keyboards with the film’s real-life inspiration and co-wrote the movie’s script. Finally, we hear from the sports-comedy duo the Sklar Brothers about Little League phenom Mo’Ne Davis, the chance of a Freeway Series and the crazy speech by new Clippers owner Steve Ballmer.

Banner Image: $100 banknotes