Angelenos’ Water Use, In Defense of Lawns, and Let the Campaigns Begin

LA County got a C in UCLA’s new Environmental Report Card. The report finds that even though Angelinos use about 16 percent less water than we did in the year 2000, we still have a long way to go when it comes to conservation. More and more Californians are ripping out traditional green grass for drought resistant plants. But are lawns being unfairly demonized in the drought? Hillary Clinton announced her presidency by video yesterday. Marco Rubio told donors this morning that he’ll officially announce tonight. What’s behind the announcement strategies? Writers are some of the most important, and least respected, people in Hollywood. How has the craft and the industry changed in the last 100 years? The much anticipated Game of Thrones season 5 premiered last night. With somewhat less nudity and gore, season 4 of “Veep” also premiered. Our weekly TV roundup takes a look at HBO’s big sunday night.

Banner Image: A dry riverbed in California.