Are Officials Taking LA’s Housing Crisis Seriously Enough?

The Los Angeles City Council approved a request by the owner of a Hollywood apartment building to turn it into a boutique hotel. How often are tenants being evicted by developers under the Ellis Act? And what does the decision reveal about the city’s efforts to solve LA’s housing crisis? Then, Xeni Jardin talks about the big change in a Facebook algorithm that has news organizations nervous. Next, the life and work of Futurist Alvin Toffler. Also, a new documentary called “Breaking a Monster” captures the meteoric rise of the young metal band Unlocking the Truth. The subtitle might have been ‘be careful what you wish for’. And finally, total student debt in America is $1.3 trillion. With that much money on the line, we know who the losers are – students who either can’t afford to pay the loans back or remain saddled with high debt payments for decades. But who are the winners? Who’s making money off this surge in student debt?

Banner Image: Los Angeles, Ca. Photo: Tom Hart