Back to Iraq, Black Faces/White Spaces, and Dear Nobody

American military jets dropped bombs on Islamic extremists in Iraq today. What are we trying to achieve and what are the chances for success? Is this a slippery slope to re-engagement? One of the reasons the President gave for the strikes was to protect an ethnic minority called the Yazidis. Who are they? We talk to the author of a new book about why the “great outdoors” seems so white. In our weekly film round-up, our critics check out the latest in the “Step Up” series of dance movies, and “The Hundred Foot Journey,” with Helen Mirren. Finally, a collection of diary entries by a teenage girl who died 15 years ago provides an unusually gritty and raw look at the life of an American teenager.

Banner Image: F/A-18 aircraft from the US squadron that conducted an airstrike against Kurdish forces in Iraq, photo: handout