Bernie Sanders, and Seeking 'Red Sauce Italian' in LA

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has been drawing big crowds to his campaign events, and is polling well in Iowa and New Hampshire. Who are his supporters, and how is he different from Hillary Clinton?

Then, fantasy sports leagues have moved out of the man cave and onto the internet—where online sports betting has become a $2.6 billion industry. But a major data leak is roiling the industry this week, bringing about allegations of insider trading, and a call for regulation.

Next, the Carson City Council has hired and fired three city managers in the past two years. And we talk to the author of a new novel called Katherine Carlyle about a young English woman living with her father in Rome. She’s an IVF baby. Her mother has died, she’s enrolled to study Italian and French at Oxford. But instead of leaving for college, she starts on a very different journey.

Finally, Angelenos love Italian food. We have tons of places to eat pizza, pasta and gelato. But there’s one type of Italian food that’s hard to find: it’s called “red sauce” Italian.

Banner Image: Bernie Sanders; Credit: Rand Wilson