Big Magic, Silver Lake's Food Scene, and Catholicism in the West

The Pope comes to the U.S. at a time when the Catholic Church is losing membership in the U.S., it’s growing in the West. In fact, the fastest-growing diocese in the West is Fresno, where the Catholic population has more than doubled in the last ten years to 1.2 million. And more than 1,600 parochial schools have closed or consolidated in just the last decade. So what is the future of Catholic education? Next, football season has started, and the baseball playoffs are just a couple of weeks away; we check in on sports news. And ten years ago, Elizabeth Gilbert’s life changed almost overnight when her book Eat Pray Love came out. It turned Gilbert into a literary celebrity. Now, she’s written a guide to living a creative, fulfilling life. Finally, Forbes magazine named Silver Lake the country’s ‘best hipster neighborhood’ three years ago, but the food scene in Silver Lake is only just starting to reach critical mass.