Big Pharma has spent more than $85 million to defeat Prop 61

The Supreme Court is back in session and two cases involving racial bias in criminal cases are on the docket. In one case, argued Wednesday, racial bias may have been a factor in sentencing a man to death. Then, election spending is cruising toward record highs in California and no one’s spending more than Big Pharma. Pharmaceutical companies have spent more than $85 million to defeat Proposition 61. Also, three years after the Snowden leaks, the FBI has arrested another NSA contractor. They’re investigating whether Harold T. Martin stole and leaked classified computer codes used to hack foreign governments. Next, if attractions like the Door to Hell and Galileo’s Middle Finger sound appealing, plan your next vacation with “Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to The World’s Hidden Wonders.” And finally, 4chan, the web message board sometimes called “the cesspool of the internet,” is broke. Should you care if it’s forced to shut down?