Carson Approves NFL Stadium, California Raisins in Court, and Ben Affleck

We start today with sports news and the Carson City Council’s approval of plans for an NFL stadium. If they build it, will any teams come? Then, the California Raisins were before the Supreme Court today, or, actually, an old law that allows the government to seize some raisin crops. We get an explainer. Then, Heidi Julavits discusses her new memoir, The Folded Clock. Finally, Ben Affleck has admitted that he asked the PBS show Finding Your Roots not to air the discovery that one of his ancestors owned slaves. What does the censoring say about how our culture handles our history of slavery?

Banner Image: Adam Day, chairman of San Diego's football stadium advisory group, has a picture taken with a San Diego Chargers football fan after announcing the selection of Mission Valley as the proposed site for a new multi-use stadium in San Diego, California March 12, 2015. Mission Valley, the home of NFL's San Diego Chargers for the past 50 years, has been chosen as the site where the new stadium would be built, as the city hopes to stop the team from moving to Los Angeles. REUTERS/Mike Blake