Chinese Birth Tourism, New Homeless Numbers, and LA’s Ice Cream Scene

A new study paints a bleak picture of LA County’s homeless situation, finding 13,000 new homeless people a month. You’ve probably seen evidence of this: encampments under overpasses, and streets lined with overflowing shopping carts. Two city ordinances aimed at cleaning things up were implemented in July. But they’re controversial, confusing, and unevenly enforced. And Joe Biden looks to be eyeing the Oval Office again. He met with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren on Saturday, and has already made stops in Iowa and New Hampshire this year. After unsuccessful campaigns in 1988 and 2008, can Biden win? Then, Rowland Heights is a typical community in the San Gabriel Valley. Chinese restaurants and Asian markets anchor miles of strip malls, and single family homes line the suburban side streets. It’s also become the American capital of Chinese birth tourism. Finally, L.A. is in the middle of an ice cream renaissance. New, artisanal frozen dessert spots have opened all over the city.