Claremont McKenna Controversy, and At the Jabberjaw

Student protests led to the resignation of Mary Spellman, the Dean of Students at Claremont McKenna College. Similar complaints about the treatment of minorities have erupted at the University of Missouri, Yale, Ithaca College, and other schools.

Then, Politico reports that some big Democratic donors plan to meet with Black Lives Matter leaders next week to discuss funding. That’s creating a bit of tension; some activists say that big political donations could co-opt their grassroots movement. And some donors say they’re worried about giving money to a group known for its aggressive tactics.

Next, a moody set piece from Brad and Angelina, a film about the Chilean miners disaster, and a rom-com with some unlikely suspects. Time for our weekly film roundup.

Finally, in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, some of the biggest bands from the burgeoning alternative rock scene used to play a tiny coffeehouse in Arlington Heights — Jabberjaw. From L7 to the Make-Up, Bratmobile and Nirvana, the club was the place to be for a certain subset of the L.A. music scene. A new book called It All Dies Anyway: LA, Jabberjaw, and the End of an Era collects photos, flyers and memories from the legendary venue.

Banner Image: Photo from It All Dies Anyway: LA, Jabberjaw, and the End of an Era