Coastal Commission to decide on massive OC development

The fate of a large piece of undeveloped land along California’s coastline will be decided Wednesday when the Coastal Commission votes on whether a company can build hundreds of homes, a hotel, and shops along the Pacific Ocean in Orange County. Environmentalists say the land is too precious to build on.

Then, Timothy Desmond submitted a painting to the Big Fresno Fair last year that depicts confederate soldiers and the confederate flag. The fair rejected the painting – did it violate Desmond’s free speech rights?

Next, Labor Day is behind us and so is the summer movie season. After months of sequels, remakes and tentpole blockbusters, does it look like Hollywood’s go-to formulas just aren’t cutting it anymore?

Also, today’s talent agents are sophisticated business people in expensive suits and CAA is largely the reason why. Journalist James Andrew Miller has looked into the history of the Hollywood super agency and the result is his new book, “Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency.”

And finally, LA’s long had an abundance of Hawaiian food, but now there are a number of new places to get a taste of Hawaii, Spam and all.

Photo courtesy of Larry Tenney.